After making so many Zibabies I wanted to branch out a bit.  I added a pair of wings, ears, and a beak to one of my Zibabies and my first Z'Gryphon was born!  Next came Zibirdies, which were inspired by the fascinators worn on the hats of reenactors and Steampunk enthusiasts.  Then I just got a bit silly and along came my Z'Creatures!  All of these little guys have either a brooch pin or metal feet under their heads, and some have both.  They are fun and unique little friends who can provide a little flair to your hat or just ride around on your shoulder!

Below are some of the Zibirdies, Z'Gryphons, and Z'Creatures I've made in the past.
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Baby Snowy OwlPeacock (large)Blue HummingbirdCassowaryQuailSeven-Colored TanagerTaiwan Blue MagpieWire-Tailed ManakinGreen HummingbirdPeacock (small)RavenGreen-Red-Yellow ParrotEgyptian VultureHawk

This little guy was my prototype Zibirdie.  I didn't realize how much I didn't know about working with feathers until I made this little guy!  lolRed Phoenix

My Zibirdies come in two styles, cockade and plume.  This is the prototype of the plume style.
Faery Dragonfly Moth Z'Gryphon

Probably one of my all-time favorite Z'Gryphons!  She's tiny, sparkly, and adorable!Copper and Black Hawk Z'GryphonThird-Eye Raven Z'Gryphon

Custom order for James S.Owlynx Z'GryphonPink and White Short-Tailed Z'GryphonPurple-Winged White and Silver Z'GryphonRaven Z'Gryphon

Custom order for Emily S.Custom order for Julia W.Horus was my prototype Z'Gryphon.  When he rides around on my shoulder at renaissance faires and reenactment events, he never fails to capture attention!
Sleeta the Midnight Serpent Z'CreatureOne-Eyed Bat-Winged Gargoyle Z'CreaturePeacock Dragon Z'Creature