1557 "Bianca Ponzoni Anguissola"
by Sofonisba Anguissola
(Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)
What is a zibellino?  A zibellino (pl. zibellini) was a full-body pelt worn as a fashion accessory by stylish ladies in the 1500s, most commonly in Northern Italy.  They used sable or marten pelts most often, but ermine, mink, and even lynx were also used.  Zibellini frequently had gold or silver heads and feet, and there is also mention of artisans using jet or crystal instead of metal!  Regardless of the material used, they were usually encrusted with jewels and sometimes enamelwork.  Sometimes zibellini are called "flea furs" on the mistaken assumption that ladies wore these furs to attract the fleas away from themselves and onto the furs...this is a myth, as no flea would leave a nice, warm, food-filled body for an empty pelt!  Besides, if you were a rich lady, would you want to advertise your personal cleanliness issues to the masses?  No, zibellini were worn for high fashion, not personal hygiene!  Click here for pictures of extant heads and portraits showing them in use.

Today, zibellini are still used as fashion accessories in renaissance reenactment groups, but they've also become popular as unique furry friends for anyone!  Each creature in my Zibellini Family is one of a kind work of art that brings a unique charm to any home or venue.

Below are pictures of Zibellini I've made in the past.
(Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger version.)

***Please note: I am no longer taking orders for Zibellini.***

Custom order for Michelle H.Custom order for JerralynCustom order for Janet O.Nox

Custom order...for me!  I realized that I hadn't made a Zibie for myself since my first prototypes.  I figured that after making over 50 Zibellini for other people, it was time to make another for myself!Custom order for Jessica C.Diana

Custom order for Tabitha M.Custom orders for Gwendolyn and SorchaCelibri

His name is another word for "Carnivale" and he lives up to it! Full of sparkle and fun, he brims with life and is always up for a party!Miele

Such a gentle little girl!  Miele was named for her lush honey-colored "golden pearl" mink pelt.Pavone

Everything about this little guy says, "Look at me!"  He loves being the center of attention, particularly if he can catch
the eye of a beautiful lady!Fire and IceGrazia

Custom order for Melia K.Custom order for Janet O.Custom order for Challe C.Arcano

Custom order for Hastings S.Penelope

Custom order for Denise C.Sylvana

Custom order for EmilyPhae P.Medusa

Custom order for Michelle H.Rodrigo

Custom order for Megan T.Columbina

Custom order for Holly J.ElphabaLorcan

Custom order for GittaCustom order for Cindy P.Morte

Custom order for Theresa S.Ametista
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