Your Zibellino will be made to order!  You get to choose your:

Type of fur*: I always have mink and/or marten on hand.  Also, I will occasionally have fox and sable pelts available as well.  Prices vary depending on the type/color of pelt.  Please click the links at the bottom of this page for pricing information.

Color of  head:  My zibie's heads are made of a durable polymer clay, which is much lighter weight and economical than real gold or silver.  You have your choice of gold, silver, copper, or black.  Other colors available upon request.    Note: The gold, silver, and copper can have a metal coating applied, if you so desire. (To see an example of this treatment, click here and scroll to the bottom/middle pair of fingernail pics.)  If you'd like this applied, choose one of the "skin" options in the Color of Head menu below.

Decorations: Gold or silver filigree and your choice of crystal colors for the collar, eyes and overall ornamentation.  (Actual layout of decoration will be up to my discretion.)
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Click on the links below to see examples of the types pelts I usually have in stock.
Please contact me for current fur availability.
Zibellini start at $150 plus $15 s&p
(Click the links at the bottom of the page to see fur types available.)
Questions?  Feel free to contact me!
*Wondering which fur to choose?  Well, you'll notice that my zibellini's prices will vary depending on which fur you choose and, sometimes, what color.  This is due to the cost of the pelts themselves: mink tend to be the least costly, marten and fox are in the mid- to upper mid-range, and true sables are very expensive!  Partly to keep my costs down (so they're more affordable for you!), all my mink, marten, and sable pelts are from vintage sources and are not "new" pelts are MUCH more expensive!  However, I make sure all my pelts are in good condition and I don't use furs that have been (to my knowledge) in a smoking home.  If there are any imperfections, I will note it in my description (the most common being a missing or half-tail) and I will make an allowance for that in the price.  I will not use any pelt with an imperfection unless you have OK'd it beforehand.  Unless noted otherwise, all mink pelts only have their rear feet.  Vintage fox pelts rarely age well, so for that reason I will use modern garment tanned pelts for my Zibellini if I cannot find a vintage pelt that is suitable for a project.  Fox pelt prices vary according to color and origin.

*I am often asked if I will use a pelt that a customer already owns.  I will no longer use pelts from sources other than my regular suppliers, due to moths being intoduced into my stock by a customer's pelt.  Moths are extremely destructive, so I cannot risk introducing them again.  Thank you for understanding!
***Please allow two weeks for your order to reach you.  Contact me if you need your headband faster than that!***

Note: If you do not choose an option in one of the menus, the defaults are chocolate mink, gold head, gold decorations, black eyes, clear crystal accents, one pearl earring, and pearl & clear crystal collar decoration.  Also, please take into account when choosing your Zibie's eye color that the crystal's color will be affected by the color of the clay behind it, i.e. a light blue eye will look greenish in a gold head, and it will look dark blue in a black head.
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Please use the form below to choose the design elements for your new Zibellino.  When you're finished, click the Submit button to send me an email with your choices.  When I receive it, I will email you before I start your Zibie to make sure we're on the same page and to allow for unavoidable last minute changes/substitutions (i.e. don't have a particular color or type of pelt in stock).

NOTE: I will not start your order until I receive a reply to my email and the order is paid for.  Make sure to enter your email address in the space provided below!  I will send you an invoice once you've replied to my email; you will not be charged immediately when filling out this form.