Meet the baby version of my Zibellini!

There is no historical evidence that miniature versions of Zibellini existed, but I just couldn't resist!  My Zibabies are made with mink (which come in a variety of colors, natural as well as dyed), sable, lynx, or kit fox tails, while Zibitties (the tiniest member my Zibellini family) are made with ermine tails.  These little guys are perfect for gifts, favors, a child's version of a zibellino, or get one for yourself as an adorable addition to your own wardrobe!
Kataryn M. with her custom Zibaby, Iacopo.  

He was made with a kit fox tail, which is the largest tail I use with my Zibabies.A closer look at Kataryn M.'s custom Zibaby, Iacopo.Custom order for Adele B.Custom order for GwynnethCustom order for GwynnethCustom order for Megan L.Midnight FireSpecial order for ZulmaTeodoro

His favorite thing to do is to stay all toasty warm while he snuggles into a lap or perches on a shoulder, watching the rain...Alanzo

He likes to think that he is very a ninja! But any shiny surface defeats his sneakiness, since he just can't stop himself from stopping to primp a bit!Boschetto

A child of the forest, Boschetto prides himself on being able to hide in plain sight...and he loves to jump out and startle you, just to see the look on your face!  Then he frisks around, all proud of himself.Cattivo

His name means "wicked," which tells you Cattivo can be a bit mischievous!  But, when he's not getting into trouble, Cattivo is very happy to snuggle up with you!

Custom order for Amanda M.Custom order for ZappCustom order for Gypsy W.Custom order for Challe C.Rannochio

Custom order for Demitri S.ElenaCustom order for EsabellCustom order for Jennie F.InvernoCelestina

Custom order for Janet O.Celestina II

Custom order for Janet O.Custom order for Holly J.Custom order for John N.Custom order for KenzieCerulean

Custom order for Lorelei S.Lussuoso

This little guy was made with a lush sable tail.  So soft and fluffy!Custom order for Aislinn K.Custom order for Michelle H.Custom order for Michelle H.Miss MouseNevePaparazzi

Custom order for Denise C.PieroRozaliaSalvinaSantino

Custom order for Sarah J.Zaffiro

Custom order for Susan K.Custom order for Vera D.ZeusNiccolo

Custom order for Janet O.

One of my first Zibabies!AllegroPiccolo

This little guy was my very first Zibaby!  When I saw how much people liked him, I decided to offer Zibabies as well as Zibellini.

The son of the Fire & Ice Zibellino, this little guy is quite shy, but inside he has a fiery personality!  But don't worry, it usually manifests in warm snuggles.Special order for Janet O.Genova

Custom order for Lisa L.Cherubino

My first Zibitty!  He was the result of a request to make a Zibellino that was scaled down to go with a young lady's doll.  I think he turned out pretty darn cute!
Below are some of the Zibabies and Zibitties I've made in the past.  (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture.)

***Please note: I am no longer taking custom orders for Zibabies.***