Your Zibaby will be made to order!  You get to choose your:

Type of fur: Zibabies are made using mink, sable, lynx, and kit fox tails.  These come in a variety of shades, from the usual brown, black, and red, to a wide array of dyed colors.  Please inquire about available colors.  Zibitties are made with ermine tails.  A picture showing a variety of tails is at the bottom of this page.

Color of head:  My Zibaby and Zibitty heads are made of a durable polymer clay, which is lighter weight than metal and much more economical than real gold or silver.  You have your choice of gold, silver, copper, or black.  Other colors available upon request.  Note: The gold, silver, and copper can have a metal coating applied, if you so desire.  If you'd like this applied, choose one of the "skin" options in the Color of Head menu below.

Decorations: Gold or silver filigree and your choice of crystal colors for the collar, eyes and overall ornamentation.  (Actual layout of decoration will be up to my discretion.)

Click here to see Zibabies I've made in the past.  I've found that it helps to actually see different combinations when trying to decide what you want your Zibaby to look like!
Please use the form below to order your new Zibaby or Zibitty.  I will email you before I start your project to make sure we're on the same page and allow for unavoidable last minute changes/substitutions (i.e. I don't have a particular color of mink tail in stock).  Make sure to enter your email address in the space provided!  I will not start your order until I receive a reply and the order is paid for.

***Please allow two weeks for your order to reach you.  Contact me if you need your Zibaby/Zibitty faster than that!***

Note: If you do not choose an option in one of the menus, the defaults are a black mink tail, gold head, gold decorations, black eyes, clear crystal accents, and clear crystal/pearl leash decoration.  Also, please take into account when choosing eye color that the crystal's color will be affected by the color of the clay behind it, i.e. a light blue eye will look greenish in a gold head, and it will look dark blue in a black head.
Zibabies start at $35 plus $8 s&p
(Click the links at the bottom of the page to see fur types available.)
Fur Type & Color:

Color of Head:

Decoration Metal:

Color of Eyes:

Leash Decoration:

Color of Accent Crystals:
Left to right: Kit Fox, Sable, brown Mink, white Mink, blue iris Mink, silver Mink, black Mink, Ermine (top), Lynx (bottom).

Please note:
*Mink tails average 9" long, but may be longer or shorter.
*The selection of colors and types of tails I have in stock varies.  Please contact me for an up-to-date listing.
*There are always natural variations from tail to tail.  The picture to the left is to give you an idea of the average look of each type of tail.
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