Uprising War 2007
Ah, ya gotta love the annual
"Lawn Bowling In Your Underwear Tournament"!
Left to right: Susan, Lisa, Kristie, and myself.
Pennsic War 2006
Tommaso being a "drunken sailor" on top of the horse trailer that he made into a very cool "ship" with comfortable, if very snug, living quarters inside.  I'm sitting on the back, looking totally out of place in that oh-so-Venetian atmosphere in my Roman garb...but hey, at least it's still Italian!
Uprising War 2006
The first "LBIYU"
Master Niccolo*, HL Serafina,Don Guillaume, myself.
*It's all his fault!  :)
Pennsic War 2006
Tom and I on the "porch" of the canal house
(the ship is moored to the striped pole)
Gryphon's Lair Investiture 2005
My sister Val and my brother-in-law Robert (Mistress Bethany of Windermere and Master Don Vilhelm Silberhammer) at  the first Baronial Investiture of Gryphon's Lair.  Gorgeous, aren't they?
Uprising War 2004
These were the first "Venetian" gowns Noelle and I made.  They are a bit more on the movie side of things, if ya know what I mean.  Still, we had a lot of fun wearing them, and got lots of compliments!  And, as usual, Niccolo got us in trouble...
who knew that auctioning us off in Grand Court to the King of the Outlands would, um, annoy certain people?  :D
Gryphon's Lair Investiture 2005
My friend Ellen and myself.  She has the most extraordinary voice!  I hear that there is to be an album out soon (already is out???) featuring Ellen and another wonderful singer...I've got to get my hands on a copy!  Ellen and Niccolo have since moved to California...they are sorely missed!
Solstice Court 2007
Noelle, Suzie, and myself.  Some of the best friends a girl could have!
(One of my other bestest friends is Gypsy, who is my model on my main
jewelry website.  Also, a full-length picture of Noelle's dress
and more information on her jewelry are here.)
Uprising War 2009
Left to right: HL Serafina Basso (Noelle), myself, Masun, Melia.