Estrella 2008
Good thing cotton velvet is washable, as it was very wet at this event, and this poor gown got incredibly muddy!
I have always loved this portrait!  Noelle and my sister Susan both worked on this one: Noelle did the patterning on the bodice, and Susan the sleeves and skirt.  For once I actually touched a sewing machine (I HATE MACHINE SEWING!) and did the construction of the bodice. 

I love the way the sleeve caps turned out on this one!  My sister Susan and I put them togther.  Neither one of us had any idea of how to construct them, but they turned out really well in the end.  The last couple of pictures are of the second version of my coolio way of doing ladder lacing ("version 2: grommet tape") and the way we made this bottom curve of the open-front bodice.  I hand-sewed all the gold trim onto the sleeves and bodice.