I often work off of portraits or extant pieces in museums, but I can also use pictures from magazines or other sources.  (*Note: If we're working with a picture from a magazine or similar source, I will not even try make the exact piece!  Not only does that often infringe on another artist's copywrite, but it's just not ethical.  Besides, you don't want exactly what someone else has anyway, do you?  What I can do is create something with the same feel to it, which is generally what attracts someone to a particular piece anyway.)

I usually work with pearls and other semi-precious stones, and gold- or silver-plated findings; this keeps your costs down while keeping your "look" classy.  I can, however, use sterling silver, vermeil, or gold, but this will make all costs go up quite a bit!

If you are interested in creating a custom piece, I will need some basic information:
*What are we creating? (Necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.)
*What size? (Example: necklace length)
*Gold or silver?  Plated or solid?
*What style are you looking for? (Earthy, modern, feminine, etc.)
*When do you need the piece? (Deadline?)
*Any other thoughts you might have, especially sketches/pictures/etc.

Once we have this basic information down, I can work up a design based on our conversations.  I'll email the design and cost/time estimate to you for your approval.  (Cost/time estimates are subject to a possible +/- of 10%.)  Once you approve of the design, I will need a down payment of 1/2 the estimated cost to get started.  When I have the item finished, I'll send you a picture of the piece for your approval.  If you like what you see, I'll need the balance of the cost before shipping.  If I do not receive the balance within 30 days, the deposit is forfeit and your piece may be offered for sale, at my discretion.

I would love to help you make something special!  Please email me any time at sablegreyhound@hotmail.com.
I'm looking forward to working with you!
Do you have a special event coming up?  A wedding, a loved one's birthday, or perhaps a Renaissance Faire or SCA event?  I would be happy to help you create the perfect piece of jewelry for the occasion!  Custom design is one of my favorite things to do and I work hard to get you exactly the piece you've been dreaming about!  There is more information at the bottom of this page about making a custom order.  When you're ready, click on the Contact Us link in the menu bar above to get started.

Below are pictures of some of my happy customers wearing the custom pieces I've made in the past.
Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture!

(If you would like to be added to this page, send you picture(s) to sablegreyhound@hotmail.com.  Thank you!)
Belt, necklace, earrings, and zibellino for Noelle P.Custom Zibellino for Bianca (worn by Astrid)Custom Zibellino for ShaylahCustom Zibellino for Tabitha M.Belt, necklace, earrings, and zibellino for Noelle P.Robyn R. portraying Queen Mary Tudor and wearing her custom ZibellinoThis belt, necklace, and earrings made for Melia's wedding, worn in this picture with her beautiful Tudor gown.Tracy said she wanted a collar for her Italian Greyhound, Eowyn, that would "make people's heads turn" at her next re-enactment event...well, do you think, will this collar do it?This tiny bracelet was made for my little niece, Caitlyn.  The total length of it is only 3", which is why the clasp looks huge, even though it's the smallest one I had!  (The clear crystals are only 3mm.)  I love the bitty pink Swarovski flower crystals...I thought they'd be perfect for her!Custom Zibaby for Kataryn M.