Click the thumbnails below to see larger pictures of each type of collar decoration:
Elvish .57"Lattice & Leaves .5"Lattice & Leaves .75"Lattice & Leaves 1"Olympia 1.25"Renaissance 1"Swirling Waves .5"Daisy Filigree 1.25"Eggs & Darts .75"
Decorative Metal Patterns
Asian Fan 20mm (CZ)Filigree Drop 20mm (CZ)Pine Bough 15mm (CZ)Teardrop 15mm (CZ)Triple Pear & Square 30mm (CZ)Swirled Cage 22mm (rose gold, CZ)
Cluster 30mm (glass rhinestone)Sunflower 30mm (glass rhinestone)Pearl Center 30mm (glass rhinestone)Flower 25mm (glass rhinestone)Seahorse 30mm (glass rhinestone)Large Star 30mm (glass rhinestone)Small Star 19mm (glass rhinestone)Tetrad 20mm (glass rhinestone)Disco 10mm, 8mm, 6mm (glass rhinestone)
Starfish 31mmSmall Star 19mm