Obviously we're not done with this one yet!  We ran out of time, so we got it to a "wearable" state and rushed to the event.  I think I've figured out how to make this spiffy gold "partlet with pretentions" (what is the correct term for this thingy anyway? anyone know?), but it means I have to take time out from other things to get it done...which means might not happen for a while...  Unfortunately the jewelry has gone astray (oh, sadness!) so pictures of the jewelry will have to wait. The portrait had two drops (the part that hangs down the front), which I thought was very interesting.  Makes sense though, when you remember that the ladies often wore practical accessories at the end of the drops: fans, zibellini, etc.  If I ever get around to finishing this ensemble, I suppose I'll make the hat too...if I must...(can you tell I'm not a fan of hats?)

Click here to see the zibellino I made to go with this gown.